March is National Health & Wellness Month

March is health and wellness month, what are your doing to change the way you eat? One way to start is by keeping a daily health journal. You are what you eat, breathe, think, say and do! Make a decision today to live healthier.

Health Tip:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Start by introducing more plant base foods into your diet. By that try adding a more servings of whole grains and legumes to your meals. A simple way to remember that you are eating the proper amount of vegetables and fiber is the new plate model. For example, take your plate and cut in half, then cut the remaining half in half. The first half of of your plate should be full of colorful vegetables, 1/4 of your plate should be protein and the remaining 1/4 of your plate should be filled with legumes and complex carbohydrates.                

Lifestyle Tip:

Make a commitment to exercise at least four times a week and add one fun activity for example; Yoga, Swimming, Pilates, Belly Dancing, Salsa Dancing or Kick Boxing.


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