8 Tips to Beautiful Healthy Hair for 2013

8 Tips to Beautiful Healthy Hair for 2013

It’s a great new year to start out having healthy and voluptuous hair! I have had the privilege of having a dynamic Hair Stylist Extraordinaire for over 20 years and she knows how to keep your hair healthy.  Debora shared some 8 quick tips on achieving healthy hair for the new Year!

Tip 1: Moisturize, Moisturize!  A good product to moisture the hair is Moisture Mask by Enjoy. You can purchase it at Chantal’s Hair Design  Salon.

Tip 2: Get a Trim.   Trimming the hair not only help to keep the hair healthy but looking fabulous with lots of body.     

Tip 3: Take your Hair, Nails & Skin Vitamins.

Tip 4: Get rid your curling iron and your Flat Iron both tools  really damages and dries out the hair.                                    

Tip 5: Roll your hair at night or use rollers for quick  volume in the morning.                                                       

Tip 6: Schedule a hot oil treatment for your hair on your next hair appointment.

Tip 7: For Thinning Hair use  Volumizning Shampoo & Conditioner by Enjoy Products. 

Tip 8: Book your hair appointment with Hair Extraordinaire, Debora Truso.

Deborah can be reached at Chantal’s Hair Design located in Pleasant Hill, CA 925-689-6642 or by email deboratruso@yahoo.com  Mention that you were referred by 2GORJIS.

Have an Amazing Hair Day!

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