Healthy Tips: 6 Herbs for preventing the flu (pt.1)

Are you feeling a little chill and body pain?
Do you feel that you may be coming down with the flu?
Are you feeling a little achy?
Has someone close to you recently been exposed to the flu?
Are you feeling a little tired and low of energy?
Are you suffering from congestion or post nasal drip?

You may just be experiencing flu like symptoms or coming down with a
glorified cold from this season’s severe extreme cold weather.

Here are some quick herbal tips to help you get back on your way to better health
and to prevent further reaction, if you feel that you may be coming down with the flu
or simply experience the prelims of a glorified cold.  Remember if symptoms
persist for any length of time always seek medical attention and call your doctor.

Take a hot herbal bath with Lavender Aromatherapy Essential Oils:
Yes that is correct, take a hot bath. I know many love their showers; however in instances like this, a hot aromatherapy bath is best.  Fill your tub with Lavender Epson salts. A better suggestion would be to bathe in natural sea salt with drops of Lavender essential oil. You would use a handful of salts and as the water is running add few drops of Lavender Essential oil and two drops of Peppermint essential oil. This is the best relaxation tonic for sore muscles, aches, pain and low energy, especially if you feel a chill or fever coming on.

Ginger Tonic Herbal Tea Tonic,  an ancient secret: (Strengthens the immunity)
Go to the store and purchase one ginger root, a garlic clove, bag on lemons and an (optional extra tip), some lemongrass. Cut up thinly slices of ginger, little slices of garlic, (anti-viral), lemongrass combine altogether in clay tea pot with hot boiling water. Steep for about 7 to 8 minutes pour and add honey or plain and serve with lemon slices. Top the tea with a sprinkle of Cayenne pepper and drink all day. This is the best cold antiviral fighting tea you can ever drink.

Lemon Balm Tea (option):
If you don’t like ginger because you may be experiencing IBS, or like the taste of ginger, then try Lemon Balm Leaf Tea. Purchase it fresh in the root herb form from a local health food store. You will wash, cut up the leaves and simply steep with hot boiling water in a clay tea pot. Steep for 7 to 9 minutes pour and add honey and lemon or simply drink it plain. You home will smell of fresh lemons and essence of lemon verbena, as you are brewing this powerful tea.

Elderberry Tea: (Anti-viral)
this herb helps to encourage perspiration that helps rid the body of toxins. This is especially functional if you feel a cold coming on. This help can be taken in a tea or tincture form. This herb is made up of berries and flowers and is very tasty.

Cherry Juice or Cherry cider (Anti-oxidant)
in times like these it’s best to keep the body well hydrated with plenty of fluid. Cherry juice has many properties, but used here serves as a great anti-oxidant to help fight off invaders or (pathogens), which potentially can further harm the body defenses. This juice helps to strengthen the body defenses.

Echinacea: (Helps to destroy virus and builds immune support)
There are several brands of this herb and it is often packaged with the herb Golden Seal. If your system can manage it, this would be a great  dual option; otherwise, always drink Echinacea alone.  Echinacea can be taken all year round and scientific research has shown this herb in fact can keep immune system healthy and strong. In a Natural web article, stated that Echinacea extract works against an enzyme called hyaluronidase that destroys the body’s defenses against diseases.

Boneset: (Anti-Viral)
I had a client mentioned to me that they were feeling body pain and ask for an herbal remedy. I did a little research and came across this herb, which is an immune stimulant and has a long history of being effective in cases of influenza. It helps to diminish any coming on fever and aches. It also helps with congestion. Its antiviral properties help to dry out mucous and dry out digestive toxins.

Ask any herbalist and they would highly recommend this herb, which is an ancient secret, as one of the best kept herbal remedies for treating the flu.

Colloidal Silver: (Immune support)
Kim’s top favorite for immune support herbal remedy. This is by far my favorite dietary immune support tonic which helps to prevent infections, eye infections and colds all year round. Colloidal silver also helps to prevent and heal diminishing ill health. I take this every day to help build strong immune support, as a Massage Therapist, I am in contact with a lots of people and my number one priority is building and sustaining immune health.

If you or someone that you know is in contact with lots of people daily,
Your job function requires the shaking of hands with lots of people during the day,
Work in tight office spaces with lots of people,
Constantly talking on the phone and switching cubicles with various unclean phones,
Commuting on Bart, or taking any form of public transportation to and from work then,
I highly recommend that you grab a bottle next time you are at your local health food store.

Make sure that you purchase this brand, Sovereign Silver with the blue label.  You will take about 5 to 10 droppersful under your tongue daily. Make sure that you read the bottle carefully. When you find a cold coming on you will take more and add a Vitamin A supplement. This will make l sure to turn your cold around in no time.

Where can I find these products? This is a great question.

Whole Foods, Harvest House, Trader Joe’ s (Cherry juice), Vitamin Shoppe or call me and I can order some of them for you.

Where can I purchase my Aromatherapy bath salts?  2GORJS Custom Bath salts, shop our online store under salts. I will be happy to custom make some for you.

How much do I take of each herb? Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the bottle.

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Abundance, Love, Peace & Healthy Living
Kim Evans, MA
Health Educator & Nutrition Coach

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