“Sexy & Fabulous”~ Healthy Chicken Soup w/ Roasted Vegetables

“Sexy & Fabulous Get in Shape”~ Chicken Noodle Soup w/ Roasted Vegetables

Spring is upon us, spring cleansing offers a great new start to get ourselves in order and Easter is near for a great spiritual reconnection celebration.  What an awesome time to cleanse our bodies, start anew, refresh our minds and rejuvenate our spirits with clean eating that helps to enhance our bodies to become healthier, stronger and better.  I would  like to share with you this wonderful fabulous quick and easy recipe to jump-start you to better health and feeling great about your body for spring.

Simple Homemade Healthy Chicken Vegetable Soup w/ Roasted Vegetables: all items can be purchased from your local supermarket or local Farmer’s Market.

(1) Package chicken legs or chicken breast

(2) Beets

(1) Cauliflower, ( you will only use 1/2)

(4) Carrots

(1/2) Fennel

(1) Yam or (1) Sweet Potato

(3-4 ) Yukon potatoes

(3-4 ) Red potatoes

(1) Celery Root

(1/2) Bunch of Collard Greens or (1) Zucchini

(1/2) Bunch of Parsley

(4) Bay Leaves

(Optional) 1/2 Bag of Peas

(Optional) ~Ginger root, you will use one part of the root, reserve the remaining

(1) to 2 tablespoons of cut garlic, depending on your taste

(1) Small Red Onion or Yellow.

(1) Box Organic Chicken Broth, get at Trader Joe’s.

Tools:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      In a Crock Pot, (great for the working person with limited time) or if you prefer use a ( 5 Quart Dutch oven or pot) over your stove top, (I will describe it here for slow crock pot cooking for the for simpler cooking).  Get all your ingredients, cleanse, chop and cube all vegetables. Add to your slow crock pot before going to work.  After you have cubed all your vegetables, roast vegetables before adding to your Crock pot by adding to a baking dish, season to taste with salt and seasonings and then drizzle with olive oil. Bake on 400 degrees  for 45 minutes or 250 degrees for about two hours, slowly. When complete, you will add this mixture to your crock pot to finishing cooking.

Chicken: Season Chicken to taste, add to your Crock pot,


Season to taste chicken by using;  (Turmeric, kosher salt or sea salt, black pepper, dill, cayenne pepper, poultry seasoning, cayenne pepper, rosemary, lemon pepper and tarragon).

Preparing Initial Ingredients:  Saute Garlic, onions, on a stove top in Olive Oil, then add to your crock pot.  

Add one box of Organic Chicken broth to crock pot over your chicken.   Add garlic mixture.  Next, after all your cubed  vegetables are roasted in baking dish, add mixture along with chicken legs or breast to the crock pot, continue to season to taste.  After all ingredients have been added,  top with chopped Collard Greens or with one chopped cubed Zucchini.  In final add to your crock pot mixture, cooked rice or uncooked egg noodles. You may prefer neither and simply enjoy all the wonderful taste of the vegetables alone.  They will automatically cook along with remaining ingredients.

Let simmer for four more hours and your meal is complete when you arrive from work.  Make sure your Crock pot temperature is turned to “LOW”.  Remember, optional add rice or noodles at the end. Top crock pot with any additional water if needed.

Add: Cooked Rice or uncooked rice noodles at the end.

Serve with  Cornbread,  Sourdough bread or Ezekiel Bread   & Green Salad

Enjoy & look “Sexy & Fabulous”