21 Day Nutrition Wellness Challenge

A blue print to great better health by Kim Evans, MA

In this Newsletter Health Tips:
*Simple ways for improved Gut Health
*Get a Health Coach, try our 1 month nutrition program
*Challenge yourself for the next 21 days to be healthier


Why having a healthy gut is important:
All disease and aliments start in the gut. With any diet or nutritional change, the overall goal is to obtain healthy gut health. With our “Sexy & Fabulous 21 days to healthier Nutrition Challenge”, just by changing what you eat will help you improve your gut health.

Having a healthy gut with good digestion is pivotal for total body wellness and health longevity. Healthy gut reduces your risks of varied health risks, colon cancer being one. One way to achieve better gut health is by having a gluten- free diet. Today gluten-free diets are being adopted as an overall health-promoting measure by broad segments of the population. The greatest advantage of developing a gluten free lifestyle is that it will improve your overall health, reduce allergies, improve skin health, improve circulation and reduce infection and certain illnesses. Cutting down on actual intake of gluten foods does have its advantages for the average person. Give it a try!

Symptoms of of Poor Gut Health:

  • High leptin levels 
  • Vitamin D” Deficiencies  
  • Stress
  • Poor Gut micro-floral balance   
  • Leaky gut 
  • Pollution & environmental toxins 
  • Infections & inflammation
  • Drugs reactions
  • Genetic predisposition 
  • Low Iodine & selenium deficiencies
  • Auto-immunities

Some Healthy Solutions to a healthy gut:

  • Develop a gluten free lifestyle with a diet high in phyto nutrients
  • Enjoy a plant base diet full of lush greens and vegetables (4-5 plus) servings per day
  • Get our (1) Month coaching program; we will help you fee better and build a healthier lifestyle with nutrition easy.
  • Treat the factors that are causing you not to feel well, not the symptoms.
  • Integrate Nutrition supplementation by changing your diet with whole foods.
  • Reduce Your Stress
  • Detox, Restore & Balance Digestive Gut Health
  • Increase exercise
  • Increase your fiber intake
  • Increase Vitamin D
  • Eliminate inflammation in your diet- [remove Gluten] any other inflammatory foods.
Solution 1:  Try our Monthly Nutrition Coaching Program
Solution 2
:  Do our 21 Day Nutrition Wellness Challenge

Sexy & Fabulous 21 Day Nutrition Challenge

Purpose of the “Sexy & Fabulous 21 Day Nutrition Challenge”:
21 Day Challenge blueprint by Kim Evans, MA was designed to help people jump start their diet and nutrition by eating whole foods, understand correlation between you and food, increased physical by 5x per week, (at least 45 minutes a day), resulting in overall desired health outcomes and better health to function.

What is it meant to do:
Make you feel and look the best version of yourself

Desired Outcomes:
Renewed health & energy, whole foods eating with nutrition, clearer thinking, and weight loss

How does it work:
I have outlined below a simple nutrition blueprint for you to follow on your own. If you need more one-on-one attention, then take advantage of our Nutrition Monthly Coaching Program to get a customized diet plan. Follow us on Facebook to get daily and weekly tips on how best do the 21 day nutrition challenge.

Lets get started:
Kim’s Berry Antioxidant Smoothie Shake
You can use frozen or fresh, I used frozen here:

1 part of Strawberries
1/2 part of pineapple
1 part of Blueberries
Coconut Water, (add to your thickness)
Handful of Kale
Handful of Arugula (or any two greens)

Honey or yogurt to taste for sweetness, (optional)
Quick easy shake to get my morning started 

For the next 21 days, start your morning with prayer and meditation for 15 minutes.
Speak out what you are grateful for
Set your intention for your day of what you want to accomplish.

Start your morning with breakfast, if you work out early like I do have a piece of fruit,
make a juice smoothie like above, have a boiled egg or some Greek Yogurt.
You must have food in your tummy to burn calories before your workout.

Week 1:

Exercise 3x a week, until you get to  (4), then work your way up to 5
“Honeydew” List: Clean out your refrigerator, grocery shop for all fruits and vegetables
Meal Plan: Elimination Diet, Start morning with juice or smoothie,
Eat 3 meals per day plus healthy snacks to keep your metabolism active
Lifestyle change: Try one new different thing,example salsa dancing
Spiritual connection: Clear out clutter. When you clear out clutter, your energy vibration changes you will have more clarity of mind, work efficiently, and have better use of your time.
Stress wellness: Enjoy a massage
Water intake: 8-10 glasses per day

Week 2
Exercise 4x a week, until you get to (5), then maintain 5
Now that the refrigerator is all cleaned out, you can step up your nutrition with more Juicing~
Meal Plan: Cleansing plan, start each morning with green/berry juice.
Eat 3 meals per day plus healthy snacks
Lifestyle change: Try Yoga or celebrate doing a new activity
Spiritual connection: Write down (5) goals or affirmations to obtain by 9/30/14.
Stress wellness: Deep breathing during the day
Water intake: 8-10 glasses per day

Week 3:
Exercise 5x a week, (various activities), switch up from gym to outdoors
Meal Plan: Protein building plan, start each morning with green or berry protein shake/smootie
Lifestyle change: Spend time with a friend or family member~
Spiritual connection: Meditate, do a nature walk or go by the ocean for a walk~
Stress management: reward yourself for completing the week
Water intake: 8-10 glasses per day

Week 4:
Exercise 5x a week, (2 days weight building, 3 days cardio)
Meal Plan: Balancing Diet and Celebration plan
Lifestyle change: Do something to make you happy~

Spiritual connection: Walk in nature and commune with God~
Stress Management: You completed your 21 Day Nutrition Challenge
Water intake: 8-10 glasses per day

Nutrition Wellness Coaching Program 
Kim Evans, MA Nutrition Wellness Coach 
Try our Introductory~ Monthly Nutrition
Coaching Program 
First 20 people, Special, $99 (reg. $237) 


My goal as a Nutrition Wellness Coach is to educate you to be a healthier you, motivate you to
achieve your desired goal weight, and coach you to accomplish higher levels of physical
activity. My goal is to compassionately serve by helping you to be the best version of yourself.

The 21 day nutrition challenge is a simple quick overview to changing your health pattens. If you need more, then our monthly nutrition coaching program would be better for you. The 21 day challenge jump starts you to thinking differently about the foods you eat and the relationship with foods by helping you build a better understanding about nutrition.

I will work with you to help understand some blocks that may be hindering you to lose weight, gain more energy and feel better. With this one month coaching program you will

gain renewed energy, restful, obtain better nutrition habits and fall in love with nutrition

What’s Included

Monthly coaching consists of (3- tele-coaching) sessions done from any workspace area. Calls can also be skyped.  All calls are conveniently set up for you  and is done over the phone.  Each session is (30 to 45 minutes). Unlimited e-mail questions is included. You will also receive a nutrition assessment, diet and nutrition handouts. I recommend My fitness pal, to track your food intake and physical activity.

Desired Outcomes from Coaching:

better nutrition understanding
renewed & sustainable energy
desired weight outcomes
loss of inches
clearer thinking
brighter skin
healthier gut

Why get a Nutrition Wellness Coach?

As a private beauty, nutrition & wellness practice, we partner with our clients to deliver health solutions that help solve their most complicated issues concerning their nutrition, weight management, lack of energy. Our services are designed specifically to help you achieve better overall health. Utilizing whole foods nutrition eating  and functional nutrition model,  our nutrition wellness coaching goes beyond the basic diet model using a holistic approach to nutrition to develop new insights about food, drive results, and help positive impact on your overall health.

Let’s get started~
After you purchase the one month program, I will email you health forms to fill out & we can get your first appointment scheduled. After I get your forms emailed back I can get a better assessment of where you you are.

Calls are done weekly, preferably the same day every week.

Cost: $99
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 I look forward to seeing you healthier~ Lets start today
Kim Evans, MA, LE. CMT, NE

Beauty Professional & Nutrition Wellness Coach
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