Client question, why is it difficult losing weight?

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One of my clients asked me after attending a women’s conference:
“I was at an event out-of-town and there were over 2,000 women there, and “the hot topic”, a large number of them suffering from not being able to lose weight. I could not believe how many were clearly suffering for this, why is that?”

Respectfully & with great intention here is my response: There are a myriad of health factors, (genetics, immune function, environment, gene expression, etc.), to consider and health reasons why some people are challenged with being overweight, but I will mention a few. Firsthand, when the body is overweight it is an inflammatory response of the body that something is out-of-order.

Here’s a few eye-opening reasons:
#1 Inflammation,
Hormonal imbalances,
High saturated fatty diet,
Lack of physical exercise,
Lack of self-care & nourishment,
Loss sense of your center,
Stress hormone cortisol, (causes fat around the belly),
Metabolic syndrome X,
Too much darn life stress.

Are just a few reasons why the inches will not move away
Why diets don’t work!
Are you listening? Do you suffering from any of these?

She was blown away: After I just hinted a few (of many) reasons, her response was okay,… “Create a Webinar” with solutions to this issue.  I said, you are right and you just inspired me to create it!

Look out for the details of my August “Beauty, Health & Wellness” Webinar, about cortisol & managed stress, how to stay healthy, in my next post. Inspiration is all around us all the time, so be inspired to change the world!

Kim Evans, MA, CMT, LE
Health Educator & Nutrition Coach
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